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Talent idea:

  • Human resources are the most important resources for the development of enterprises. The effective management and utilization of human resources is the necessary condition for enterprises to improve their own advantages and maintain competitive advantages;
  • Employee's sense of responsibility determines the growth of the organization, so in the case of both enterprise success and economic benefits, create a comfortable development platform for employees, and provide good benefits and benefits;
  • Continuously train people according to their personality and qualifications, adapt them to work, and provide opportunities for promotion according to their personal abilities. At present, the company is in a stage of rapid development, and urgently needs all kinds of talents. Shanghai often invite more people with lofty ideals to join, and witness the development of Shanghai Chang Hui, to create a better shining tomorrow!
Recruitment position:Product manager, Graphic designer, Foreign trade business, Domestic sales (engineering experience is preferred); Internet of things System Engineer
Salary: salary negotiable, five social insurance and one housing fund and paid annual leave, weekends, holidays and welfare, performance bonus, staff travel, the opportunity to go abroad, the annual physical examination

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