Return All-in-one solar street light IST2 series comes

Lighting system has become an indispensable part of modern construction with the rapid development and expansion of the city. The facilities of street lights have been increased a lot with the development of city, while its energy consumption is also growing. Eenergy is increasingly declining, power supply continues to be tense. The solar street lights are becoming the new favorite of urban road lighting industry in the "green lighting" development trend.

IST2 series all in one solar street light is the new product of CHZ Lighting. It integrate mono-silicon solar panels, intelligent solar controller, A1 lithium iron phosphate battery, high efficiency led light source. And there are 4 different lumens that 1273LM, 2445LM, 5210LM, 6947LM for your choice.





When there is the radiation of light, the PV module will generate electricity by taking advantage of the solar radiation to convert light energy into electricity, to charge the lithium iron phosphate battery by using intelligent controller, to protect the overcharge and over discharge of the battery, to achieve intelligent control for the on-off and Illumination of the light source without manual operation.




User-friendly design, easy dis-assembly

IST2 series solar street lights are integrated design, the light body without glue, battery fixed by bracket, and internal structure is simple and reliable. The components of it are easy to maintain and replace compared to other non-removable products on the market to save more cost. At the same time, all the wire are used male and female plug connector, color foolproof design, with anti-wrong function. Modeling design full of intentions reflect the strict and humane spirit of lamp customized.



Intelligent operation, to ensure effective lighting

Changes of the time in winter and summer led to the general non-intelligent street lights often still bright in the morning but dark in the evening.In the face of this situation, IST2-1 configured infrared sensor can sense the distance of 6m-8m, IST2-2/IST2-3 configured intelligent microwave sensor can sense the distance of 10m-12m. It will start to work when the illumination is less than 100lux, controlling the lighting source on-off and illumination to ensure the effective lighting of the street lamp, being environmental-friendly and energy saving at the same time.


Applicable places

Widely used in branches, streets, and factory roads, parks, villages, mountains and remote areas of lighting projects, gardens, schools, squares and other places need outdoor lighting, to help the traditional lighting upgrade to LED green new energy lighting.