Return A good light will make a healthy light environment

Shanghai Jiading District Huai Shao school, is the private secondary school in Jiading District, the campus environment is very good, perfect hardware facilities. However, the indoor stadium lighting effect is not good, The school arranged for the transformation of special funds twice, the first time from high-pressure mercury lamp to high-power energy-saving lamps; later because of the brightness is not enough to reduce the use of light poles, brightness is still not meet the requirements, and glare serious.Venue lighting has become a general office teachers are facing a difficult problem.

At this time, Shanghai CHZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. learned that the matter, take the initiative to contact the school leadership, decided to donate a number of professional venues lighting, and provide free installation (total value of about 25,000 yuan), and promised to solve the Lighting problems. School leaders know our quality and performance, decided to try it.

After the engineers on-site investigation, developed a lighting transformation program. In order not to affect the normal teaching, installation time at 5 pm the same day, after three hours of high altitude operations, lighting transformation is completed. When all the lights open, the scene effect completely impressed by the scene all the teachers: the average ground illumination, from the previous 236 lux, raised to the current 490 lux; uniformity also reached 0.6 or more; can be instantaneous opening and closing; no noise, glare basically disappeared ; The overall effect is very comfortable. At the same time, power saving up to 50%!


General Director Zhang expressed the "effect beyond imagination, to solve a big thing!", Said very grateful! Huo Chen's president also visit the scene, the scene effect expressed great praise, gratitude, overflowing words and deeds.

Then, invited to the campus lights were transformed, before the lights are broken, and some can not find the cable. We have a cable to the street, directly replace our green energy-saving LED lights; can not find the cable, replace the integration of solar street lights, using the latest human body sensor control system, that is, when someone made 100% brightness, People automatically reduced to 30%. After the transformation, the campus environment has been greatly improved at night to meet the parents of the new lighting environment is full of praise.